Roadtrip Diaries

Roadtrip Diaries

Thousands of Canadians cross the border every weekend to participate in NFL tailgate parties and to watch live NFL games.

This season the NFL is encouraging these adventurous Canadians to use @NFLCanada #NFLRoadtrip to share the sights, sounds and tastes of their journeys .

Personal stories and photos (such as those provided below by Fabrizio Mancuso – a Patriots fan living in Montreal) will be featured every Wednesday on the league’s Canadian social media presence.

The NFL experience is a social one, so each time Mancuso makes the trip to Gillette Stadium he tries to bring along someone who has yet to experience his passion first hand.

On Sunday October 5 he had the pleasure of introducing the Patriots game-day experience (culminating in a Sunday night 43-17 victory for the home side over the Cincinnati Bengals) to his sister and a friend.

Also making the trip were his father, uncle and cousin – all of whom had accompanied Mancuso to New England twice before.

“There is a lot of added excitement around a Sunday night game, so it was really fun to experience that,” said Mancuso. “The fans (and the BBQs) were really fired up – even four hours before game time.”

Two staples of the Mancuso trip to Gillette Stadium are a traditional New England meal, and a trip to the on-site Patriots Hall of Fame (the Hall at Patriot Place – an interactive, modern museum experience – opened in 2008).

“There are activities everywhere at a Patriots game, and the seafood is amazing,” said Mancuso. “I would recommend the Patriots Hall of Fame to any football fan going to Gillette. Also some New England Clam Chowder, and the stuffed Lobster at Tia’s on the Boston Harbor.”

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Photos courtesy Fabrizio Mancuso @PATSFanMTL

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