Five Changes to Make in 2017 (or Whenever!)

Five Changes to Make in 2017 (or Whenever!)

By: Dr. Jen Welter

We are finally getting our feet wet in 2017, and whether you spent January 1st defining your resolutions or not, I want to give you an important reminder: any day can be your first day for a change.

Change starts the moment you make up your mind and commit to it.

With a new year comes the excitement and anticipation of starting fresh and adopting a resolution. And while goal setting is generally a very positive and healthy habit, resolutions often carry with them the added weight of the perception that if you succeed in that one resolution, you have set the tone for the entire year. In response to this additional pressure, there are always major breakthroughs, along with some major breakdowns.

In the spirit of truly breaking through I decided to reconsider “the resolution.” After all, to change the game, you have to be willing to do things that have never been done. So, for any of you looking for a solution to the typical resolution, this is for you.

Bucket & Duck-it: I am sure you all have a bucket list, those things that you really want to do. But you probably don’t even realize you have a duck-it list. “Yes, I should do that, but I’m going to duck out of it.” Or, I’ve just said “duck-it” in the past, and stuck my head under the water and my tail up in the air. Instead of pushing the bucket list until just before you kick it, and pushing the duck-it list until after you’ve already kicked it, let’s go after each of them – something you’ve wanted and something you’ve been avoiding. OWN THE NOW! There is empowerment in each one, and you will definitely change your mentality by tackling both.

Do Something You Are Absolutely Terrible At (or Assume You Will Be): So many of us live in a bubble, afraid of embarrassment or a fear of failure. Well, instead of fearing failure, why not give failure its place? For so many of us, we have to be good at so many things. It’s a lot of pressure, and our ego protects us from too much damage. Look past your ego, beyond your goal of being perfect. Challenge your comfort zone and try something that you absolutely do not care if you are any good at. At worst, you will have a great laugh while doing it.

Add to Subtract and Redefine Success: Change the measurable. Instead of assessing the negative that is losing, focus on the positive of gaining. You can add a new dance class, time playing with your kids, a workout partner, a walk with your best friend. Redefine success and add a lot to your life.

Think Like a Child: Children have a wonderful ability to create their own world and rules. They can build a kingdom from a cardboard box, and a fitting crown from any kind of pot. If you truly want to change your world, why not look at the world through a child’s eyes? Put your adult self on a timeout, leave the rules and restrictions in the corner, and see things not as they are but as what they can be.

Un-Resolution: Pick something audacious, completely outside the realm of any New Year’s resolution you have ever heard of, and write your own rulebook. This is your year and your life. Stop playing by the rules everyone else has defined and start drafting some of your own.


I want to encourage you to look at 2017 in a new way. Resolve to reinvigorate your thinking. New year, new start. Just imagine the look on people’s faces when they ask for your resolutions and you responding with any one of the items listed above.

That’s how to start things off right.